Patient Information


Thank you for choosing our clinic. We sincerely hope that we can develop a mutually beneficial and professional relationship. Please take a few moments to read our information sheet so that you can make the most of the services that we offer.

Murray House Clinic is an accredited clinic and all the doctors are vocationally registered with a wide variety of experience in family medicine, meet government standards and undergo continuous improvement and medical examination programs to maintain this status.

Murray House Clinic is a family general practice medical clinic that has provided high quality healthcare to the south east of Melbourne for more than 100 years.

Since its establishment in 1907, Murray House Clinic has been committed to providing the best quality, care and standards.

Our caring team of doctors and nurses provide compassionate patient centred care, focused on proactively supporting individual health needs. Our facilities include a fully equipped treatment room and we service the local community, providing continuity of care to various local nursing homes and supported accommodations.

We aim to provide comprehensive general practice care to all individuals and families in this community.

As a team, Murray House Clinic will always offer a blend of the modern medical with traditional values.

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Dr. Warren Hastings, Dr. Kwai Lee, Dr Slavko Došlo, Dr Liliana Bardac, Dr Lingjing Zhou, Dr Michael Beech.

Practice Staff

Practice Manager: Sandra

Practice Nurses: Amy, Anja & Cassie

Administrative staff: , Rebekka, Olja, Sebie, Julie & Fiona

Services provided at the clinic

Normal, prolonged or extended consultations
Treatment of simple fractures
Removal of moles and skin lesions
Women’s and men’s health medicine
Medical Cannabis
eHealth and HIC online


Appointments can be made from 8:15am Weekdays, and 9.00am Saturdays. The clinic is not open on Sundays and Public Holidays. All surgery times are by appointment only which can be booked via the online appointment portal or calling the clinic.

We are a family doctor practice and in the interests of continuity of care, you should see your own family doctor where possible. During doctors’ holidays and sick leave, it may be necessary to see one of the other doctors or a locum service is also available. We have a newsletter that includes changes to clinic hours and the availability of your doctor during holiday times.

If you have a medical emergency, please alert the staff. They will have a nurse arrange to see you promptly. Our consultations are generally 10-15 minutes.

However, if you have a complex problem, please assist us by making an extended appointment time.

If you have acute chest pain, a major laceration or severe asthma, please proceed to the nearest hospital

Clinic Hours

Monday – 8.00am – 6.00pm
Tuesday – 8.00am – 6.00pm
Wednesday – 8.00am – 6.00pm
Thursday – 8.00am – 6.00pm
Friday – 8.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday – 8.45am – 1.00pm (we only remain open if we have bookings)
Sunday & Public Holidays – Closed

After Hours

Doctor Doctor – 13 26 60

Casey Public Hospital – Kangan Drive, Berwick – 8768 1200

Mulgrave Private Hospital – Police Road, Mulgrave – 9795 7700

Home Visits

Home visits are a service provided to patients for urgent problems or if the patient is unable to get to the surgery because of their condition. These can be organised either with your doctor or through reception; please discuss the cost of a home visit with the receptionist when making your booking. If your doctor is unable to make a house call, the locum service will be called for you.


Fees are charged between schedule and AMA rates; patients are required to settle accounts at the time of consultation.

Payment can be made in cash, EFTPOS, cheque or credit card, while pensioners, health care card holders, children under 16 yo are currently bulk billed.

Please ensure that you have your current card with you and show it at reception. As part of medicare requirements, for bulkbilled consultations, a medical assignment form will need to be signed or approved via sms ( automed ). 

A private patient (not on a health care or pension card) may be bulk billed at the doctor’s discretion. However, doctors at the clinic are not obliged to bulk bill private patients. Patients may also send their invoice straight to Medicare using HIC online, with payment either going straight into their bank account or a cheque posted to your home.

Please note that acupuncture and medical cannabis consultations will be privately billed.

Monday to Saturday Fees

3A – Brief surgery consultation – $55.70
23B – Standard surgery consultation – $84.00
36C – Long surgery consultation – $126.15
44D – Prolonged surgery consultation – $154.70

N.B. Acupuncture consultations are not bulk billed.

Reminder and recall system

This practice is committed to preventative care. You may be contacted by the practice nurse via SMS, mail or telephone to follow up on test results. Our reminder and recall system also includes preventative health care such as Cervical Screening tests, Test results, Health Care Assessments, Asthma Plans, Diabetic Reviews and Immunisation.

Management of your personal health information

The provision of quality health care is our principle concern. It requires a doctor-patient relationship of trust and confidentiality. Your doctor regards patient health information as confidential and will only collect this information with patient consent. A patient’s personal information is handled in accordance with the privacy policy of this practice, which is consistent with privacy legislation.

Collection, use and disclosure of your information

Information about a patient’s medical and family health history is needed to provide accurate medical diagnosis and appropriate treatment. We adhere to all privacy regulations in our collection, storage and use of patient information.

Consent forms are required to be completed for the practice and details may not be shared with other health care providers unless a consent form is completed.

It is necessary for us to keep patient information after their last attendance at this practice for as long as it is required by law, or is prudent having regard to administrative purposes.

Our Privacy policy is available on the website and at reception for your perusal.

New patients

New patients are requested to provide information regarding current medications, by either providing a written list or to bring in the medications for the doctor to list on their history as current medications being taken.

A consent form will also be requested to be completed which assists us in compliance with Medicare and HIC requirements, disclosure to specialists outside of this practice, recalls and auditing.

Repeat prescriptions

Staff will not take phone requests for scripts.

Scripts will require an appointment or can be accessed here by clicking this link

Specialists referrals

It is a legal requirement under the Medicare Act that a referral to a specialist only be given after due consideration by the treating doctor. Patients should also be aware that the specialist you are referred to may not bulk bill and a fee may be charged.

Patients should be aware that some personal information, such as address and phone number, may be required to be given when making an appointment on your behalf.

Patients making their own appointments should ensure that fees are ascertained at the time of making appointment.

Referrals will require an appointment or can be accessed here by clicking this link

Test results

Legislation regulating the medical industry require where possible that patients make an appointment to discuss test results and any further requirements.

The doctors at the clinic receive many telephone calls and test results per day.

It is much more beneficial for patients to make an appointment to see their doctor.

Patients with test results returned outside of normal parameters will be contacted  by either a doctor or administrative staff on behalf of the doctor.

Interpreter service

An interpreting service via telephone is available upon request. When making your appointment, please advise reception that you require an interpreter for your appointment and which language you speak.

Please also request a double appointment or adequate time for your consultation. An onsite interpreter may be organised for your appointment. However, a minimum of 2 weeks notice is required by the interpreter service.


In a sense we all have four lives to lead: work, family, social and personal. We follow our own advice to achieve a balance between the demands placed on us.

Whenever a particular doctor is unavailable (see newsletter), another doctor will maintain the continuity of care.


We have ample wheelchair access to the surgery and a wheelchair is also available on site if required.


For your own health and that of others, smoking is not permitted either in the clinic or within the surgery boundaries.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones should be switched off before entering the surgery and use of mobile phones is not permissible inside the surgery.

Newsletter and website

We have a newsletter which will be reviewed and updated every three months, providing information regarding doctor’s holidays, Medicare and other health updates, fees, etc.

All information regarding the practice, doctors, staff and services provided can be viewed on our website

Suggestions and complaints

We constantly strive to give you the best possible care and attention. Practice policies are developed to meet current legislation regulating the health industry. If you have any suggestions or are unhappy about any aspect of our service, please ask to see the practice manager

In the event that we are not able to resolve a complaint to your satisfaction, you can contact the Health Services Commissioner at Level 30, 570 Burke Street, Melbourne 3000 (telephone 8601 5200).

Copies of relevant practice forms and notices are available on the website

Murray House Clinic is eHealth ready. Patients need to register to be able to access this service as soon as it becomes available.

We care about the service we provide. Please feel free to discuss it with is.