Important Coronavirus Update:

For all up to date information please refer to

Whilst we do our utmost best to provide you with up to date information, we may not be able to update this website, as our time is spent making sure our patients and their families are taken care of during this time.

We understand the level of anxiety and concern surrounding information distributed by the press about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Getting tested for COVID-19

To complete testing at Murray House Clinic:

1. Make an appointment with a nurse, after you have had a Telehealth appointment with your Doctor (testing at Murray House Clinic is just for our regular patients.)

2. When you arrive at the clinic for your appointment, call the clinic to let us know you are here.

3. Wait for the nurse to come out to you in the car park. You must remain in your car, do not enter the clinic.

4. If you are a health worker, please check to make sure it is marked on your referral.

It typically takes 1 to 3 days for people to get their COVID-19 test results. However, due to the significant number of tests being processed, it may take up to 5-7 days.

Once you have completed the test, in most cases, you will be instructed to go straight home and wait for your results. Don’t go out in public, including going to work or school. Practice good hand and cough hygiene and avoid close contact with other people, including members of your own household.

If your test results are negative, you will receive an SMS text message or a phone call from your Doctor. If you do make an appointment to get your results, make a call to the clinic from your car. DO NOT enter the clinic. A Doctor will let the receptionist know, if your results are negative and it is safe for you to come into the clinic. If your test results are positive, you will receive a phone call from a Doctor to let you know what you should do next. Under no circumstances are you to enter the clinic. You might also receive a phone call from a public health unit about contact tracing.

The Australian Coronavirus Helpline does not receive test results. If you have any questions about your results, contact Murray House Clinic.

If your symptoms are serious, you will stay in hospital — isolated from other patients to prevent further possible spread of the virus. If you have mild symptoms and your Doctor says you are well enough to return home, while waiting for your test results, you should isolate yourself and:

Stay at home. Do not attend work or school

Wash your hands often with soap and water

Cough and sneeze into your elbow

Avoid cooking for or caring for other members of your household

Wear a mask, if close contact with other people is unavoidable

Public health officers will contact you every day to check on your condition. They will also give you a phone number to call,  if you have questions.

Household contacts of suspected cases undergoing testing, do not need to be in isolation, however should practice safe social distancing.

We ask for your patience as this is new for us and our systems are evolving constantly.

Coronavirus Covid-19 Isolation Guidance

COVID-19 Self Assessment for Risk

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